How I got into running at the age of 39

I was never into running growing up.Β Β I played football when I was little and then Judo in my teenage years, but really from the ages of 14 onwards sport had very little to do with my lifestyle.Β Β In my mid-30s I was depressed about my weight and my looks and I saw a personal trainer for a couple of years, but then I moved to Hong Kong in 2012 and the demands of my job and the lifestyle there pretty much threw that out the window.Β Β I valiantly tried to go on small jogs, but nothing outweighed the continuous lack of sleep, long work hours, travel, eating out and drinking.Β Β After 22 years in the corporate world, culminating in a position of Chief Financial Officer looking after the Asia region for a global consultancy, I decided to quit to find some balance in my life and pursue a journey of self-discovery. Continue reading How I got into running at the age of 39